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and waltzed around the stage, singing for each other.” How long would it be before someone — perhaps not even Wigness — told her that she’d made a mistake and made him too big to be teased by the other students? In her memoir, God’s Hotel, singer and actress Barbara Cook recalls a time in high school when her classmates were gossiping about her after she declared that she was marrying the first person she fell in love with. “One of my dear friends, Anne, went to the principal’s office and complained that I had taken a vow of chastity and was engaged to a monk.” The school counselor agreed, and sent the pair to a secular psychoanalyst. The act was intended to humiliate Cook and take the wind out of her sails. But the humiliating treatment only made Cook more determined to take her marriage vows seriously. Cook met her fiancé at a church service shortly after graduating from high school. “I went to bed a virgin and went to the altar a virgin,” she said. But the fact that Cook had made that vow in high school meant that she had to go through what she calls a “rigmarole” of getting permission from her parents to marry her sweetheart. Her father and stepmother insisted on doing the “hokeypokey” on the night before the wedding and, while her stepmother was saying the words “I do,” her father, watching helplessly, became aroused. “We nearly made a scene,” Cook writes. “My dad had his dresser drawers open and I thought he was masturbating.” But by the time Cook got married, she was a happily married woman, and, she writes, “I’ve never known a man who was nicer to his wife than my husband was to me.” Cook has since had five more children. “They are all amazingly decent, loyal and honest people,” she said. How can a teacher or parent help prepare students for the day when the alarm clock goes off, students arrive at school, and they are reminded of the vows they made in the heat of first love? “All you can do is prepare them to be good citizens,” said Pomerantz, “



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HD Online Player (tamil Movies Ice Age: Collision Cour)
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